Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alma Park Zoo - A Wildlife Experience!

Alma Park Zoo is the ideal destination to visit for those seeking an enjoyable, value for money, family day out. The park is located just off the Bruce Highway, approximately half an hour north of the city centre of Brisbane. This position makes it an ideal one-day trip for families who are on the hunt for a new, yet exciting local experience.

Alma Park Zoo was established in 1969 as a native animal sanctuary. After the arrival of several exotic animals in 1973, it became a registered Australian zoo, making it one of Queensland's most popular tourist destinations. The park has experienced several different owners, each bringing with them fresh ideas and redevelopments, which have improved the quality of the park and most importantly, the conditions for the animals.

Set on 40 acres, with 12 of these situated under rainforest canopy, the park features species of native and international exotic animals, with some species even holding endangered status. The award winning palm gardens create a talking point and provide ample shade for the animals nuzzled amongst them.

A day at Alma Park Zoo is filled with fresh and unique experiences, with the prospect of being able to interact with many of the animals. The Zoo keepers give frequent presentations, which allows for a widening of knowledge of interesting facts. This is the perfect way to get up close to the animals and to touch and hand feed certain species of koalas, snakes, crocodiles and kangaroos.

The zoo is also home to baby alpacas, triplet marmosets and the latest addition, Lemur Island. This exhibit is a sanctuary solely dedicated to these elegant and entertaining animals. Visitors can visit the island and watch the lemur's sunbathe and socialise with each other.

All this excitement is sure to make you hungry so you can either visit the friendly Palm Cafe and enjoy being waited on, amongst the midst of the shady palms, or pack a picnic lunch for the whole family to enjoy. BBQ facilities are also provided if the traditional Aussie Barbie is preferred, while surrounded by the tranquil, tropical garden settings.

To work off that lunch, take the kids down to the Friendship Farm, which is home to cows, sheep, alpaca, baby chickens, guinea pigs and goats. Wander further around the park and discover the monkeys, camels, water buffaloes, wombats, echidnas and exotic birdlife. The adults are sure to find a favourite, with the kids marvelling at the unique features and habits of the native and exotic animals.

Alma Park Zoo offers an affordable day outing for families, school groups and tourists. Extremely reasonable and affordable prices make the park an ideal activity for any budget, and its location is idyllic for Brisbane and Sunshine Coast locals. The park offers incredibly unique experiences, with opportunities that are rare to find outside Australia. Alma Park Zoo truly is the ultimate wildlife experience!