Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Singapore Zoo - An Aspiring Awe Places to See Wildlife

Developed as part of the Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the Singapore Zoo is one of the most original and awe-inspiring places to view wildlife. The zoo was developed with a world-famous 'open concept' set in a rainforest environment, giving visitors a wildlife experience like no other. The zoo houses 2500 different specimens across its 28- hectare location. Visitors can view animals from 316 different species groups, 36% of which are threatened animals. This gives a visitor to the Singapore Zoo a true insight into these wonderful members of the planet.

The Singapore Zoo is part of an international effort to conserve the natural population of wildlife and participates in breeding programs and conservation initiatives. The zoo is also at the forefront of veterinary research and healthcare. The zoo completed its Wildlife Healthcare and Research Center in 2006, making the zoo one of the world leaders in wildlife husbandry. The animals are housed in landscaped environments that are designed to simulate their naturally occurring environments. Visitors to the zoo will enjoy the rainforest environment that surrounds them and will experience interactive educational content at each enclosure. This helps the visitors truly learn and understand the animals they are seeing.

The Singapore Zoo offers a wide range of activities and programs for visitors. This helps ensure that not only will visitors to the zoo have an enjoyable experience, but that they will also receive an education. The zoo offers guided tours, feeding demonstrations and animal encounters and rides. This helps visitors become part of the experience rather than just observing from afar. The Rainforest Kidzworld has a water play area and a wild animal carousel, along with colorful and interactive learning experiences for the kids.

The Singapore Zoo offers a range of different attractions. The rainforest walk puts the visitor in the middle of live plants and animals, including small mousedeer, tree kangaroos and lemurs. The Boat Safari allows guests to ride along the Upper Seletar Reservoir and see the largest bird in the zoo, the white-bellied sea eagle as well as lots of other species. The Elephants at Work display provides an insight into the world of elephants and their handlers. Other great attractions of the zoo include an Australian Outback section, which is full of wallabies and kangaroos, the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia, which contains more than 80 Hamadryas baboons, jackals and ibexes and the hippo enclosure, where hippos can be seen agilely swimming in the water. Other animal exhibits at the zoo include polar bears, primates, a reptile garden, a wild Africa exhibit and a white tiger display. Cat County showcases the big cats and the Critters Longhouse houses small animals of every kind.

The zoo also features a Zoo Shop for souvenirs and educational material as well as some local cuisine. The Ah Meng Kopi restaurant serves local favorites and the Pizzafari offers a range of different pizza and Italian courses. There is even a Ben &Jerry's ice cream shop.

The Singapore Zoo is a truly unique experience. It combines excitement and learning, all in a fun-filled and amazing environment. Everyone in the family will enjoy a visit to the Singapore