Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chiang Mai Zoo - Fauna by Day and Night

Situated in the heart of the evergreens of Thailand, the zoological gardens give people the opportunity to visit animals in their natural locale. The hilly terrain that surrounds the zoo is the perfect milieu for the thousands of resident animals, mammals, birds and reptiles. It is particularly popular among school children due to the novel experiences on offer.

The welcoming chirps and songs of hundreds of birds draw people to the 'Nakorn Ping' Bird Garden, where a myriad of colourful birds gaily flutter their wings. The tour continues to the Freshwater Aquarium where Ture Eels, Siamese Carps and Striped Catfish float about freely. Wildlife from around the world is on display at this zoo, including Indian Rhinoceroses, African Cape Fur Seals, Malayan Tapirs, Koalas and a two very special Pandas from China. The pandas are adored by all the visitors who feed and play with them. Elephant families, giraffes, hippopotamuses, zebras, deer, a gibbon and ostriches constitute the large and diverse animal population of the zoological gardens.

The authorities of the zoo permit camping overnight, which is an adventurous experience. Children love the excitement of sleeping amidst nature, under a starry sky by the side of a cascading waterfall, keeping an eye out for animal activity. Camping gear is provided at a nominal fee for enthusiasts to experience thrills of a night in a jungle. The 'Twilight Zoo', is another rare and exhilarating feature of this facility. Visitors can observe the behavior and attributes of nocturnal animal species from the safety of a tram car, at nightfall.

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